Thursday, October 12, 2006

Coco and Champagne.

As you know we over here @ brownbabie$ like to party, and what's better than throwing a party for your very own. This month we celebrate our lovely Libra's, Coco and Maria, but since Maria is Miami-livin', we threw Coco a lil bash @ our friends' from the LA/Hollywood Based Casual Suspects Bike Crew. L'scorpion on Mondays become "Black Mondays" and that Monday was "Crack Monday"... Even though the bartender refused to play "Big Doll House" (Pam Grier) on the flat screen in the bar, we still had a great time, so thank you for everyone who came out and witnessed and experienced the 2 for 1 drank specials, customized balloons, cakes, rings, and all that junk. Thanks to our favorite DJ, Blu Jemz for tearing shit up as well as our other lil fav weirdo-resident dj crew -- Ynot, ??????????, and Danny. Photo credits go out to Laura and Ian especially, but thanks to all the drunkies that got their hands on the digi.

- Laxxx

Coco sexy on her b-day

Baby boo's

Ian lookin grimmyyyy

haha coco in shock!


Share ya cake

Coco and Nick (Diamond)

Double L's


Laxy <3 Blu Jems

Lovely people. SD girlies.
Charlene,Lauren (GG), me and ash
Ian outside crunked.
dada and ash with a cutie
Laxypoo married to vodka & Tonic Ash and Diz
Ash getting <3 from some old fogies
Sexyy asss coco
Thizzz face bday cake