Monday, July 10, 2006

DES REPORT: Live From LA pt. 1

So I flew in from NYC last wed to take care of some legal matters. Knew it was going to be a joyous reunion due to all my girls coming out to see me. Friday night came around and there was a spot at the Roosevelt Hotel. It was perfect for this LA summer; tropicana bar, pretty ladies in sun dresses.. and the brownbabies keeping it sassy and classy with the late night debauchery. With familiar faces decorating the pool area, it was bound to be a good night.

bri can cut your glass.

the girls

more girls

mona featherweight, cody grnappletree, and I plastic cupping it.

Bri and I trying not to look too red in the eyes.

Lax momma showing off her bright greens.

CSBC's jupiter.


Blu jemz.

featherweight starting to feel her first drink.

lax was giving me mad squeals.


gloss x coco collabo.

I'm feeling tropical just looking at them.

And after it all, we still have time to PLP.
this is how you multitask like the best of em.

more to come, I got 3 more days in LA.