Monday, May 15, 2006

Thank You.

A thank you is called to order for everyone who has supported us. We all got love for everyone and we just felt like we should dedicate this post to all the ladies and gents who has supported us -- and even bought a shirt. Regardless of purchasing a shirt -- we still are happy that you are interested in brownbabie$. Now that the days are longer and sunnier out here in LA -- a drift of loving everything has filled me -- so I feel like it was a matter of time all you readers and supporters were thanked. I really am curious about yall as much as yall are curious about us. Send us an email at -- snap a photo of you in your shirt -- maybe I'll post it up. Just want to hear some feedback from yall. Hope you are enjoying the website. I plan on updating the blog -- with more interesting things other than just party info so please stay tuned.

Lax bb$