Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Last night the Huf and Hundreds party at LAX, in hollywood was goin on! Everyone was getting laced with drinks and having a good time. Ashley finally got to meet up with homies from the bay. We drunk text Maria, and shes in London for her Euro trip, shes getting into trouble and we'll be hearing from her soon. Laxy poo left for Viva Las Vegas today and will be chillen out there for a few days. This Friday we'll rendezvous at Red Budda Lounge for Bri's 21st bday! So come out and buy Bri a drink or two and get drink drank drunk. RSVP at! peaceee.

Lax, Laur & Ash posted
Laur in love with her purse droppin $1500,shit she should be.
Love these hotties from the bay "the goodgirls"
Ashley poo
Ha snapped a pic of bobby from the hundreds.
Astrid and LA girlies
Laur & Ash blame the vodka