Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thousands ELSEWHERE?

Now its been a minute before I've taken my camera out and somewhat documented a store opening. I dont like flash on jeans or dresses and especially the open bars but I do like to document my girls in all their glory and thats exactly what I did on Thurs night. We got invited to check out the fancy store opening of Thousands Elsewhere in good ol Costa Mesa. Its a classy store featuring higher end denim and lovely frocks not to mention their amazing patio to just chill and take a smoke break from shopping.

Coco and I ventured out and decided to scope out this store. We discovered weird snacks like steak on weird ass bread and wine up the wayo. It was a glamorous night and Dj CASIO was spinning the hot tracks.. SO SO DEF anyone?

Dj CASIO up in the mix. New hot dj, check him out DJ

Coco and Sarah hot fiyah feeling the jams

I mean really feeling the jams.


thanks sauvignon blanc

break it down girls.

HA wheres that so so def remix boo?

Then Ashley ventured on over and met up with us in time for the after hours spot right next door, however We didnt hear correctly and somehow ended up down the street. We had to use the restroom right away so intially we didnt really get to check out the spot but once we were out, the vibes of the bar was there and then we realized we werent at the spot but a gay bar and it wasnt even a cool gay bar but a divy kinda sketch bar at that. We booked it and soon came to see where we were supposed to be.. after some drunken laughs and running buckwild in the streets, we ended up at memphis bar. Ha ran into our old friend andy who for some reason thinks everyone wants to fight him.. found out why, good ol drunk andy was getting in everyones face! hahaha I stopped a possible fight in this case for the sake of the music and atmosphere around us.. next time Andy youre on your own leva!

sadie hawkins hooker boot style.

Ashley looking fffffffly.

then for some reason, Linda Blair/Coco tries to attack Ash whenever wherever. Its a spur of the moment sighting and usually cant be captured on camera but I was lucky this time.. TEAM LINDA BLAIR!

When I got home I discovered a cd in the bag of goodies they gave us which featured 12 different renditions of Olivia Newton Johns track 'Lets get physical'

I loved track 8 so much id thought id share it with the rest of the world.
enjoy yall.
(honorable mentions : Doomington, Sara Love, and The Glimmers presents Disko Drukards)
Timbuktu & Chords - lets get physical
(btw scroll all the way down to see the download link)

and on that note, im out and back to sleep.