Sunday, August 20, 2006

Birthday Banger Wrap Up

The night started late, but as i walked into La Cita I thought I stepped into a Mexican high end strip club. The bar was packed people were waiting 45 minutes for one simple jack & coke! About 200 beautiful people showed up and it was really hype. We had 2 hottie go-go dancers, a hip hop mosh-pit started forming, an O.D.B shout out and extremly drunk girls around the dance floor. I had a great 2 short hrs, but the night ended with a massive CUPCAKE fight! I started it, I smashed on Ashley, got my girls and headed for Laxy poo. Laxmi got a wondderful birfthday song and her moms hooked it up with the delicious chocolate n vanilla cupcakes. I have a shit load of pictures that wer taken by Dj Soy! thanks yall for coming and thanks to DJ Soy for capturing a crazy and drunken night...

The photos can be found here @ soy's photobucket. enjoy!